Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cactus Spines

Not everyone looks as closely at the world around them as they should. It can be really hard sometimes in our fast paced world to “stop and smell the roses” or what have you.

Lets all be honest though, the truth is in the details. Often the littlest, most overlooked things can have a big impact.

Today’s image was one of those overlooked things. Living in Arizona, I occasionally find myself taking what seems commonplace to me for granted. Case in point: My aunt and uncle visited recently and enjoyed our very natural and deserty botanical garden immensely. It seemed hard to understand. Nothing is blooming right now, and while the weather is quite pleasant compared to their native Minnesota, there was really very little to be impressed with.

The fact was, for them, what they were seeing was different and unusual. The tiny details in the texture of the plants, or the sharpness of the spines were just as important and interesting as the entire plant itself.

I would say that I have to agree completely.

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