Monday, March 26, 2007


Yep. That is how you spell her name. And trouble she is- no doubt about it.

Pink lipstick, coach bags, contagious laughter with a serious streak (yeah, right, thats it!), and a plea not to show her belly button in the photos because even the most beautiful women are self conscious. Out of a series of serious portfolio images, this ONE shot let her silly side shine through, completely accidentally.

Who is she? If you know her you know. I won't tell you if you don't. You can call her Serendipity if you like.
Why is she trouble? In all that girly sweetness, there is a side of her that is almost adorably impish- leading you to call her that in that endearing sort of way.

You don' t have to know her specifically to know her. She is every college girl with a wide eyed future, every aspiring something-or-other. She is your best friend, your co worker, your accomplice. Shes the hopeless complicated one you worry about until 2 am just because she seems that innocent. She is the one that perseveres against all odds.

She just is.

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