Monday, March 19, 2007

It's a Damn Buick!

Our friend Frankie's license plate used to say that- as did he when we discussed the origins of my 1973 Opel GT (it's an Opel, hence the name but was sold at Buick dealerships). His white beast is currently in the perpetual restoration process by his father- a project he never got to finish with his son before his time with us was up.

Strangely, now when I see a Buick, I can not help but hear that phrase. And it's just so true. It just is.

I love photographing cars- especially the vintage variety. Something about the lines, the reflection in the chrome and the cool smoothness of the paint is almost seductive. Perhaps this is why our entire country has had a love affair with the automobile since day one. Show me a set of white wall tires and its all over for me baby!

Luckily for me, there is a weekly car show in these parts- the longest running one in the country! Every Saturday, come heat, hell or high water- the hot rodders, modders, sports car enthusiasts and even a few crazy grease monkeys pull out their Sunday driver, daily driver or barely driver and park in a McDonald's parking lot. Its not for the food. These gents and gals get a chance to socialize, talk shop and even do some under the table buying and selling of the goods (just don't let the show staff catch you!).

Every week is a grab bag of the most beautiful, interesting, unique vehicles in the state. Some folks have had their cars since day one and have poured their lives into their cars. Blood, sweat, tears, busted knuckles, spare clams- all of it for the love of their beautiful machine.

Its a sight to behold. Sadly I fear it will get too hot again soon and the regular stream of enthusiasts will trickle to the truly hardcore as the temperature approaches that of the sun.

I will still be there at least one a month with my water bottles and ice packs, rooting around for interesting shots of sleek metal and chrome. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

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