Saturday, April 19, 2008

Personal: Someone Vandalized My Car Last Night

This morning I got a visit from one of our neighbors and his adorable puppy. He wanted to inform me that someone had vandalized my miata during the night.


I got home late last night, after delivering prints and visiting with family and doing the usual "its Friday night" thing. It must have been late or early early early this morning. Its frusterating. This neighborhood is usually so safe and friendly. Unfortunately the gates have been open the last three weeks now, due to continual damage to them caused by someone hitting them with their vehicle intentionally.

The neighbor led me out to my silver miata, artfully covered in yogurt, bologna, mustard, ranch sauce and some lovely home made blackberry preserves. The perps were kind enough to leave the jar and both pieces of the kerr lid decorating my bouganvilla, which is just beginning to flower. At least they were careful not to get it in the car, or apply the lunch meat directly to the paint. At least they were kind enough to pick a cool night with an overcast next day.

I admit it, I cried like a baby. I was so hurt. Who would want to do this to me?

Kirk being ever the voice of reason, reminded me that this was random kid shennanigans, and "most likely LDS kids based on the beautiful home made preserves their mothers and sisters probably poured a lot of love and sugar into".

We washed the car, filed the standard police report and are going to move on with the rest of the day. While I do not understand why on this green earth someone would do something so wasteful and senseless, I hope maybe they grow up one day to see why its not right.

For the perps: The next time you would like to share tasty preserves with me, please ring the doorbell. I will bring out icecream and we can share in a nice way!

In the mean time, a short reminder. Come see me Sunday. Seriously.

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