Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Logos, New Truck Stuff and New Babies Make for a Happy Kate!

Today was awesome. We had dinner with my mom. She got Mirabella puppy the cutest little shirt, which is good, because Aldo keeps eating Mirabella's shirts. Funny how that works out. I guess even with dogs, boys will be boys.

Kirk has been holed up in the garage until way way past bed time the last few days trying to install a new ac compressor on the truck, because its getting hot out and some nice guys are letting him beta test a really expensive bracket for it. Apparently they are a bit upset its not done already- he just got all the parts Monday though and its a pretty time consuming installation! I am convinced we need to give the truck a female name and call it his wife instead of me! Haha. Certainly gets more attention than I do these days! Poor Kirk is a trooper and has been very good about not getting grease on everything in the house. I know hes really looking forward to having it done- that truck has been miserable in the summer about as long as I have known him!

I got a chance to swing by for a very quick visit with Mindy and Steven and the baby tonight. My step mom in law was there too. She did not put Jace down for a second, and I don't blame her.

He is the. most. beautiful. baby. of. all. time. Ever. Bar none. He is flawless.

I could not spend was a zoo at their place with everyone dropping by! I stopped in just long enough to fill their freezer with treats, have a short conversation with the new mommy, marvel at the munchkin and dash before the living room was too full of people to count! The phone rang off the hook too. That little family sure is loved! No wonder- they are the sweetest people you will ever meet.

No pictures yet, but I hope very very soon when things calm down a little bit.

In the mean time I checked another goodie off the list of to-do's around here...I redid our logo!

Do you like it? Alright, I know it looks a LOT like our old one...but we have a brand that our loyal clients know and (I hope) it just got a little face lift. All the same I feel accomplished because its something thats been on "the list" for a while now.

On a completely random side note- I found a music artist I absolutely love that I had never heard of before. Check out Steven Speaks - in particular the songs "Out of My League" and "What'll She Look Like"....both FANTASTIC wedding songs (first dance and parent dance maybe?)! So awesome! I love them!

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Brittany K Lane said...

The new logo is FANTASTIC!
Aw Kate I wish I lived near you!