Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bebe Noir

I went back to visit Mindy and Steven and Little Mr. Jace to try to finish up our list of newborn pictures with a hopefully sleepier munchkin. While he was a tiny bit more tired than he was during my last visit, he was still very alert and interested in all the goings on. We did not get them all done, but since we were not really expecting to, that was just fine. We got some beautiful results!

I am proud to report that there was no peeing, pooping or spitting up on the studio equipment this time! Truly a strange thing to have happen. All the same, we are still thinking he strongly dislikes all the lights and lenses so close to him.

I am feeling a bit quirky this evening (maybe lack of sleep) so tonight's selections will be black and white versions only for your viewing pleasure. Not to worry, I have full color and diluted versions too...the kid is too pretty not to have them all! Once again, blogger with the artifacting. Click them and take a look at the uploaded size for all the beautiful details.

This is it for a little while. The kid has a busy couple weeks of growing and doing super important new baby stuff ahead, but hopefully we will have more as he grows.

We spent a lot of time today focusing on his little toes! He definitely got daddy's big feet. You know what they say about big feet right? Big shoes.

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