Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Love Seeing You Again (Congrats Jack and Tori!)

Doing wedding and general family photography, its a real treat to be able to enjoy the great relationships I have with my clients. Many become very close friends! Its especially a treat being asked to photograph them again, as their lives change and families grow.

Over the weekend, I got to capture Jack and Tori's sealing at the Mesa Temple! I am so excited for them! I covered their wedding a couple of years ago, and had so much fun working with them- it was great to get to see the whole family again! The way that Jack looks at Tori is just...well...amazing! Just look at the image below if you don't believe me...sweet huh?

Sweet enough for ya? If not heres a favorite from their wedding a couple years ago:

Did I mention that Jack and Tori have the sweetest little family you will ever meet. The kids are adorable and very very sweet. I absolutely love them.

I am only sharing a couple of images for now, because I do not believe that they have seen their preview gallery yet.

Congratulations guys! I had a great time working with you again- the little ones are getting so big!

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