Monday, April 14, 2008

Mac addiction here we come!

Today was an amazingly good day, putting me in an amazingly good mood. However, the cherry on top, is the new shiny hardware Kirk and I just could not help but treat ourselves to.

I was surprised with an "emergency trip" to the mac store tonight. We go in there now and again to drool on the latest shiny goodies in Apple's line and stare glossy eyed at the sometimes insurmountable price tags.

For me, its usually the ginormous monitors, or teensy tiny little hardware that makes me stop and stare. For Kirk, its whatever is new, fast, and awesome.

After several years of "passable but not pretty" IBM dinosaurs, we have decided (only sort of on a whim) that I needed a MacBook Pro. Not want, need.

Lets face it, they are fantastic editing machines. That thing is as fast as my current editing box and I can edit images and not miss the latest episode of my favorite show or whatever other distraction is in the living room. Heck, I can edit in the park, or in the car between the wedding and reception if I want to.

This opens up a world of whole new possibilities for us. Freedom, without feeling like I have to explain the butterfly stickers on the IBM (what? its the only way to tell ours apart from one another...). Not staring around the coffee shop during consultations anymore wondering if people notice that my laptop is roughly as old as the dinosaurs.

Not to worry, I did not get so excited that I bought it at the Mac store. Kirk calmly dragged my instant gratification loving self out of there, and home to order it on amazon where it was about $300 cheaper after Amazon's rebate on it right now. It gets here Wednesday.

I am so excited!

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