Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Look Ma, New Stuff!

After staring at my website for what seemed like a painfully long time, I realized that we need a bit of a revolution around here.

So...here it is. Kinda.

Its a work in progress (if you know me well, thing like this often are) but you will notice a new look around here.

So far we have some very cool new stuff:

Fun new damask pattern with cute bright pink accents. So me. I so love it but may still tweak it a little bit.

Cute new packaging for our products. Hooray!

An AWESOME new album line...details to follow but you are gonna love them! Priced so that anyone can afford a beautiful, amazing, high quality book! Seriously? Love them!

New product offerings including masonite story boards, new address announcement cards (too fun and way practical!), press printed cards and more. Lots of fun goodies coming your way! Stay tuned for details!

As for the blog, some stuff is gonna change too! We will be running just one from now on (two makes me dizzy sometimes) and I will be updating a minimum of twice a week. I have been pretty bad about that and I apologize. They blog will also be getting a little more personal- theres so much going on around here that I don't share. I want past/present/future clients, fellow photographers, friends and family to enjoy what is essentially going to be a window into my life (with some great images along the way). Again, coming soon, so keep an eye out!

Other exciting changes are soon to follow. Keep an eye out and don't miss the fun! (seriously, don't!).

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