Thursday, May 8, 2008

"You know, basketball is kinda like interperative dance, if you take away the ball..."

Only someone truly cool could say something like that...

A couple of weeks ago, Kirk and I took his youngest brother, "The Amazing Brett Lane" out to do some quick senior snaps at one of my favorite parks. While I had originally understood I had a bit of time to process them and get them back I was informed of a change of plans and processed a few right away (finishing the rest today) so that he could get them earlier.

Brett has spent his high school career (as far as I can tell) entertaining people. From spring week band performances in goofy outfits, to starring in the production of "High School Musical" (Caliente!) and emceeing and dancing in the recent spring dance show (thats where the title of this post came from) I am pretty sure the kid may have been born on stage.

Brett will be attending ASU next year...doing..something (broadcast maybe? I don't know if plans changed or not).

It occurred to me that with all the sweet senior gals we have had on here lately, the dashing Brett may feel a little left out. Maybe it was because his mom got a sneak peek one day when she dropped in? Hmmm.

So, without further ado:

When processed with rusty overtones, this one looks straight out of the 70's. Heck, he might be his Dad (with longer hair) in that version of the photo.

Note the Corona del Sol Aztec socks. Nice touch.

He looks a bit "Ron Burgundyish" in this one. You stay classy San Diego!

I will add a few more later. The out takes from this session were hilarious! I just don't want to explain them to his mother.


Brittany K Lane said...

He is a mini ron burgundy! I LOVE IT! He looks so cute! You did an amazing job!

Merc said...

"I don't know if you know me but I am kinda a big thing."

His room must smell of rich mohogany and have many leather bound books.

He looks... wow. I am speechless.