Friday, May 16, 2008

So True.

Seeing as two wonderful years ago, I married one of the biggest, most wonderful, sweet nerds on the planet- our daily routine is that he sends me every single geeky comic known to man (whether I have time to/care to read them or not).

Among this fine sampling of nerdy giggles, is the notoriously true-to-life-with-a-game-nerd CTRL+ALT+DEL.

For a while now, two of the main characters have been planning their wedding. Ever-so-true hilarity ensues (often might I add), but in this case it rang so true I had to share for all of my brides who are currently having the same frustrations.

(click for bigger)

See? Doesn't that feel better? And to those of you lucky enough to have men that have a clue- congrats!

Ninja edit: Kirk just scolded me for forgetting a family favorite, where life imitates art. Poor Phillipe. I make him sad.

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