Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Whirlwind Weekend and A Cool New Product!

This weekend was CRAZY. Crazy. Crazy.

Did I mention crazy?

Its Wednesday and I am only now just starting to recover. We had a HUGE marathon weekend long engagement shoot for Brittany and Daniel (four locations and 200 finished images!) and an amazing wedding with Tasanee and Cory (oh the vintage goodness!). Pictures from all of those will be posted up on the blog very soon!

Frankly, I am still recovering.

While I sit in my pj's and have some well earned tea and cookies, let me tell you about a new little goodie available for you!

Introducing our new premium disc album! Isn't it pretty? Take some time to get to know her why don't you.

This baby comes in black or saddle colored italian leather...and can be embossed with script or block text in silver, gold, pearl or even black. See? Pretty huh?

It comes with four beautiful hand created mini album pages! You can have either a fun funky modern style (which I absolutely LOOOOVE) or you can go with a more simple elegant style for your pages. Nifty, ain't it?

Brittany and Daniel are my example. Are they not adorable together? Their wedding is at the end of June and we are so excited for them! Their photos needed to be done over the weekend and ready by Tuesday so they could get back to Utah and get those invitations mailed!

The super neato part? This puppy holds two, count em, TWO fabulous discs. The first one contains your lovingly hand edited digital negatives, to have and to hold forever and ever.

The other? Well the other contains an awesome slideshow of your best shots, set to your favorite music of course- hand created so no two are alike!

So lets recap. Real Italian Leather. Fancy pants embossing. Mini album pages so you can enjoy the beauty even without your handy techy gadgets. Your super digital negatives and a gorgeous, funtabulous slideshow. Don't ya just love it? Thought you might. And despite being high heirloom end awesome, its affordable too!

We just love these for engagements, weddings (Makes a killer keepsake for the mom and dad who just helped pay for a wedding or even as your first family heirloom!) and seniors (these are soo cool)!

Shoot me a note or give me a call for more info. I promise you won't be disappointed.

I am off to watch a movie and recharge the batteries for a bit before I get back to the grind. Let me know how your weekend was too!

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