Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Naturally Sweet!

Its been a busy week. We have already done a few sets of portraits and a very awesome bridal session (the images from which are top secret until June- so Chris, if you are looking, you are gonna have to wait buddy. It will be worth it. Promise!) and its only Tuesday.

Today I got to hang out with the sweet Miss Hannah to do some quick senior portraits. Shes just under the wire here with only a couple weeks of her high school career left to go- then its off to NAU!

She picked a cute striped top, and an ADORABLE black and white dress, that looked incredible on her! She even MADE the cute little bolero!


Its adorable!

We took a lovely stroll around the Desert Botanical Garden and then went off to the Tempe Center For the Arts to rattle off just a couple more shots in front of the water just in time to watch the sun vanish behind the mountains for the day.

The gardens were gorgeous today- despite some landscaping renovations being done. It seemed to stir up the wildlife, and we even saw feral lovebirds snacking on sunflowers. We caught a shot of a pretty nifty snake while we were there too.

They just finished their new cactus house recently- its incredible!

The snake climbing out of a cactus...

Due to the immense current workload I am experiencing, there are just a few to take a look at for now. More coming up in the preview galleries soon!

It was really fun working with Hannah and I think after a few minutes warming up to the camera, she had fun too! This girl is naturally sweet and incredibly genuine...(not unlike others in her family) and it shows in her images!

I need to go to bed now. If I don't Kirk just might make me. I admit to lacking sleep lately- but its only because I am enjoying life so much that I don't want to waste my time sleeping! Haha.

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