Sunday, July 6, 2008

Who on Earth Runs this Place?!?

Often these are words I hear from my mother, when the mess in my office has gotten out of hand. Not my favorite thing to hear but I figured I would come clean about who the boss is around here.

Here you see a shot of my messy, but lovable workspace. Yes, I know I need to sweep up the corner. Yes, I know windex could be used everywhere and anywhere here.

I am a creative. I am a mess. I am a creative mess.

But the brains of the bunch...the cracker of the whip, is hard at work at her post under the desk.

Mirabella would like me to inform all of you that she in fact runs this place. Ask, her and she will tell you she runs the world.

Here she is hard at work in her favorite designer garb (with swarovski crystals, which you can't see because shes dreaming on them), that we all work so hard to keep her in. Clearly she works really really hard for her nice things....hehe.

See? Here she is supervising....

And here she is making sure everything is running smoothly....

Odds are if I am at my desk, shes there, keeping a handle on things. If she is not, she leaves Aldo in charge but lets face it, we all know hes a goof.

So, complaints, concerns and the like go to me...praise, love, treats and worship go to the boss... and don't you forget it!

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Mrs. Designher said...

OMG I love her!! I love her!! I love her!! :)

Thank goodness you can't see my office right now. Can you spell TORNADO?!?!! :)