Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We <3 Finao

I have a good product policy. If I don't love it, I don't carry it. If I don't think its beautiful enough to have in my home- how on earth could I expect you to want to have it in yours?

This arrangement has worked out well...except with albums.

There are so many gorgeous options that I love (and carry) however, sometimes its hard to start a new life together and afford the finer things in life.

Its hard, to balance beauty and high prices in the wedding industry. Doubly hard for new couples who want beautiful photographic products, but also want a roof over their head. I understand completely...I can identify.

Worry no more dear friends. We have a new, completely blow you out of the water weapon in our album arsenal. Allow me to introduce Finao Elements. We received a 5x7 in a beautiful black brocade I wanted to share with you today- we will have photos of more books soon as well!

As they say, "Elements are elementary". Indeed they are. These books are beautifully simple and yet incredibly beautiful! With over 50, yes 50 colors and types of fabrics to choose from...theres not one ordinary one in the bunch. Every single one of their options is mad made and earth friendly. Take a look here if you don't believe me.

Each book is as unique and beautiful as the images that fill it.

They come in a great variety of sizes and get this...they ARE like your mothers album. Unlike the stunning yet more costly leather albums we carry, these are print mount albums. This means we take the same photographic print we may print for your wall, and mount it into this gorgeous book!

This means options. This means metallic prints, or lustre, or resin black and whites. This means simplicity and beauty and sophistication with a side of tradition.

The most beautiful part of all? These hand made gems start under $100. With options in addition to oodles of fabric choices like embossing and cut outs, you can still personalize while keeping things simple.

The downside? Because they are painstakingly hand made by professional professionals of the most professional sort, they take a little while to come back after ordering.

Personally, I will be patient for something this special.

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