Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where did July go?

Alright, I am sorry- I am a terrible blog poster this month. Busy busy busy. To make up for it, I have three cool things to share with you this weekend.

1. We have new, super awesome, magical, amazing albums in addition to adding the Finao books to the line up! Yipee. Pictures coming of one of our sample books. Sadly the other had to be sent back because production missed a little something important...but we will share that one soon too!

2. I was out of town for about a week in Laguna Beach California. We did a really cute family session while out there that I should share. Despite it being the only time little Jace was unhappy all week, they turned out super cute. Beach, baby, surf and sun...what more could a girl want?

3. I had a fantastic, beautiful, wonderful newborn session with sweet little Ethan today that I can not wait to share! He was such an angel! I am blown away by how beautiful and sweet he is. Its sure to make your heart melt.

Are you excited yet? I know I am!

In the mean time, Kirk is insisting I am a week behind in movie watching, so we are going to go catch "The Dark Night" at the Imax. Then I will be back working on posts of the good stuff.

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