Monday, June 9, 2008

A Quick Weekend Recap...

We had a FANTASTIC wedding couple this weekend- and Kirk and I both had a great time spending the day with them! Starting early in the hair salon, to a vintage heirloom dress, a beautiful ceremony, to a "thrilling" surprise at the reception- it was a beautiful and very fun wedding. Rachel and Chris looked AWESOME and the bridal party cleaned up pretty nicely too! While there were a few limitations photographically speaking, we came away with some gorgeous shots.

Unfortunately, I was pretty much deathly ill all day yesterday. Perhaps it was the attack of the killer tomatoes, or something else I ate, but I pretty much spent 24 hours in bed. Dreadful. This of course led to very little of me reviewing and editing images as I normally do the day after a wedding, and a lot of me being sick/sleeping/being taken care of by two worried puppies and Kirk.

I am feeling slightly better today, but am still taking it easy. I am hoping to have some photos up to share from Rachel's bridal session and the wedding as well the preview gallery up tonight. Please bear with me.

In the mean time, a little something amusing to entertain you...I can not help but crack up seeing this!:

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