Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oh baby, do I want a Lensbaby!

I have a super big event coming up to shoot. Two days of storybook coverage. Naturally being the well prepared photographer I am, shot lists have been forming for weeks, product has been ordered, and I am hyped.

I replaced an old flash unit that was on its way out. I picked up some fun stuff for goofy shots that have been on my list for a while. Shopping was done.

I admit to straying (like most girlies do) while shopping. I admit to having a strong urge to use the magic plastic. However, my vice is not shoes, diamonds or chocolate. My vice is glass.

Looking at my gear closet (yes I have a whole walk in closet!) it would be obvious. I loooove lenses. So naturally, I have been eyeing the lensbaby g3 like forbidden candy since it came out. Along with its custom aperture kit and macro adapters its the most fun since the see-saw.

What is it you ask? Well thats a good question, thats a bit confusing to answer, simply because its unlike anything else. Lensbaby calls it a selective focus slr lens. Really, its like a tilt shift from mars. Everything is 100% manual. No wires, no electronics. No automatic apertures (thats right you get little discs to change out). Focusing? Yeah. Its manual...but not the kind you're used to. You focus by moving the lens itself with your fingertips. It even kinda looks like a little alien.

Isn't it cute?

Sadly, I can't do it right now (much as I would like to)...the responsible part of me can not spend an extra $350 on a fun lens I might use for just a handful of specific shots (and macros!!!). There is so much more I could be doing with that money...and lets face it the economy is not awesome right now. Still its on my list. I want it. I want it like my little sister wanted Justin Timberlake when she was in Junior high.

Kevin Kubota uses one quite a bit it seems. I love the shots he comes away with. Seriously.

It just looks like such fun. I love manual focus anyway and this takes it a whole step further....manual focus with delicious bokeh and blur. An element of motion and mystery. Its work with your hands. No fancy digital anything. You change your own aperture with a magnetic ring, one hundred percent manually from one to the other. It gets more fun when those aperture discs have stars and hearts in them, giving those twinkle lights at receptions and more a whole new purpose. Heck you can even cut your own cute shapes.

I am gushing.

Its a cool tool that produces some one of a kind images...and lens baby has worked hard to make this iteration of their lens the very most awesome yet- more predictable and easy to use making it just that much more tempting.

One day I will pick one up. Sadly I won't likely have it for this event like I was hoping for. That's life. Until then I will just admire the yummy blur from afar and keep dreaming up excuses to bite the bullet and order one...or beg Kirk.

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