Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Preview Galleries!

Sad news for *ahem* those of you *ahem* who regularly hang out in my preview gallery, checking out quick previews of whatever-it-was-I-shot that day...we have changed formats!

For the convenience of couples and their guests, everyone now gets their own gallery url, and a super secret login they can share with their guests, friends and family. Incredibly cool.

Preview gallery stalkers, I know, your heart is broken- no more storybook weddings to peruse at your leisure. No more senior picture out takes. No more commenting on photos before the couple has even seen them. I am terribly sorry. You are just going to have to come to the blog for that stuff now.

On the plus side, the preview galleries are now pretty and flash based and match the site! They are customized to each couple and very very nice. Hooray!

Oh? You want to see one you say?

Clearly the only answer is to book a session then. :)

Since you have bothered reading all this drivel today, heres a little goody to share. This is an image from the father daughter dance at Rachel and Chris's wedding last week. Can't you feel the love?

As soon as they have had time to see their previews (they were a little late with some minor software mishaps we had with the preview galleries- I am happy to report, they are all worked out now!!!) I will go ahead and share a handful. So pretty!

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